October 2020

Video Killed The Big Box Slip & Fall Defense

Video surveillance can bolster a retailer’s defense in a lawsuit. Here’s how we used a retailer’s video to settle a case for 130% more than expected.

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August 2020

How Insurers Often Value a Car Accident Claim

Auto insurance companies often follow similar procedures—and place the most weight on the same key factors. Here are their typical methods used to determine the value of a claim.

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June 2020

The “Smoking Gun” That Forced The Insurance Company to Pay

Our client was turned down by other injury law firms due to a lack of evidence. We found the “smoking gun” that forced the insurance company to pay. Here’s how.

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April 2020

Case Study: It Pays to Hire an Experienced Injury Trial Lawyer

It may be counterintuitive but hiring an experienced trial lawyer like JB Injury Law can increase your chances of not having to go to trial and increase the likelihood of a fair settlement with insurance companies. We explain why in this case study.

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February 2020

Pro Bono Work Makes JB Law a Better Personal Injury Law Firm

One reason JB Law provides pro bono work is to benefit our community. Experienced legal skills are in high demand but short supply. And the cost can be beyond the reach of many.

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October 2019

A Champion’s Approach: 3 Keys to Winning On The Court & In The Courtroom

JB Law Managing Partner Jonathan Burns, Esq. is a multiple time state and national racquetball…

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September 2019

Who Pays for Car Repairs Following An Auto Accident?

One question we often get from clients involved in an auto accident is who pays…

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August 2019

How Are Medical Bills Handled In A Personal Injury Lawsuit?

Understandably, a recently injured personal injury client will often have concerns over the potential amount…

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July 2019

What is Comparative Negligence and how does it affect my personal injury lawsuit?

One of the more complicated concepts in Florida for personal injury attorneys to explain to…

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April 2019

The 2 Stages of a Personal Injury Lawsuit – Pre-suit & Litigation

One of the biggest misconceptions that personal injury clients have is that every personal injury…

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