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July 2021

What Makes a Good Plaintiff in a Personal Injury Lawsuit?

We are often asked about important factors that can influence a large verdict in a personal injury lawsuit. Being a good Plaintiff weighs heavily. Here’s how.

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June 2021

Covid-19’s Impact on Large Personal Injury Cases

COVID-19 forced the closing of courthouses, creating a backlog of cases. Without the threat of a trial, personal injury attorneys and accident victims’ resolve was put to the test.

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June 2020

The “Smoking Gun” That Forced The Insurance Company to Pay

Our client was turned down by other injury law firms due to a lack of evidence. We found the “smoking gun” that forced the insurance company to pay. Here’s how.

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February 2020

Pro Bono Work Makes JB Law a Better Personal Injury Law Firm

One reason JB Law provides pro bono work is to benefit our community. Experienced legal skills are in high demand but short supply. And the cost can be beyond the reach of many.

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October 2019

A Champion’s Approach: 3 Keys to Winning On The Court & In The Courtroom

JB Law Managing Partner Jonathan Burns, Esq. is a multiple time state and national racquetball…

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